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Building a DIY Audio Power Amplifier

After some more or less failed attempts to design and build my own Amp on a solderless breadboard I decided to solder up a pre-made schematic this time.

The circuit is designed by Douglas Self:
I didn’t always follow the circuit exactly, especially regarding component values and the choice of transistors. Even so I have to say it doesn’t sound half bad.

Any distortion in the video comes from my mic not being set up properly – sorry about that.

Music used:
* Evening Star – Princess of the Sun
* Emily Jones – Wonderbolt (Piano)
* Aviators – The Fight Within (instrumental)
* [I think the next one was by Arktic Skies, not sure though]
* John Pan – Blown in the Wind (cover)

PS: I will probably continue this channel (CClassicVideos) entirely on English.